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Monday, April 23, 2012

AGENT VINOD - 2012 - Free Download ( Torrent )

Mission: Secret Agent to trace a lethal nuclear bomb that can trigger World War III. Location: 9 exotic countries. Mission Man: Agent Vinod.
Movie Review: He's not blond, but desi Bond meets Bourne for a spy masala mix - apnaAgent Vinod. With all the makings of a suave 007, always shaken, neverstirred. With guns, gadgets, girls and guts. Throw in style andsex-appeal, and we almost have it all. AV, in his slim-fit suits,bow-ties and tuxedoes, is your metrosexual man on a mission. Cut to thechase, the story explodes in Afghanistan and the smoke trail leads to places like Russia, Morocco, Pakistan, Turkey, Latvija; with our agent ( Saif Ali Khan),high on his loaded ammunition of testosterone and wit - on the job.He's tracing a nuclear suitcase bomb (talk about retro), which couldpossibly trigger a Nuclear War. His only clue, a number - 242. And asiren; sexing up the mission. Read: ISI agent, Iram ( Kareena Kapoor).
Saif,like 007, is never averse to spouting a clever line even while druggedby the baddies - 'My name is Anthony Gonsalves' the most creative amongthem. Stripping his shirt to show off a chiseled six-pack, but decentlydesi enough to keep the pants on, and sensitively shed a tear. At hisstylish best, Saif is the spy-to-die-for.

And while a randombronzed bikini babe makes a mandatory appearance, she's not missed asKareena is sexier by far; and effortlessly does the sometimesmysterious, sometimes vulnerable act.
Ram Kapoor rolls his 'R's(for a Russian accent) as smoothly as his character trades arms, drugsand flesh. Prem Chopra weeps heartily for a dying camel but shows amean-streak with good ol' 70's villainy. Adil Hussain, cut 'n' d(r)ied,plays the devious Colonel. Gulshan Grover pops up, only for a mujra, itseems.

Director Sriram Raghavan, who's made fine mind-twisters(Ek Haseena Thi, Johnny Gaddaar), attempts a spy-thriller this time.His obsession for retro reflects here again, whether it's casting PremChopra and Gulshan Grover, references to classics, or infusingsoundtracks from the bygone era. Aaah! Nostalgia! 'Agent Vinod' isslick and visually stylized, but loses steam at times. The movie is atad long and often creatively compromised - for style over substance.With well-designed stunts and car chases, there are very few highpoints or shock value. One being the background score (Daniel B George)that changes beautifully with the locations.
Otherwise, Agent Vinod is cool. But not steamy enough to win a license to thrill.

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